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Introducing Grupo Entreposto

Reliability and Thoroughness in customer service.

Grupo Entreposto, with over 2,500 employees spread among the four countries where it operates, is now a benchmark company operating in several sectors, including automotive distribution and retail, real estate, logistics, machinery, information systems, hunting tourism, timber and forests. In addition to the other services it offers, it also runs car rental operations.


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  • Entreposto Auto launches an innovative driver assistance website www.colisao.pt


    Because the unexpected can happen, Entreposto Auto just launched a website to assist all drivers surprised with the inconvenience of an accident.

  • Grupo Entreposto Launches New Website


    Grupo Entreposto has launched its new website with an updated image and new content.

  • Opening the Hyundai Showroom in Portimão and Launching the IX35


    The inauguration of the new Hyundai showroom in Portimão took place on 16-17 July, simultaneous with the launch of the Hyundai IX35.


Entreposto Máquinas

Entreposto Máquinas


Discover our agricultural and industrial machinery businessarea.

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